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About Steele Tie Dye

Fran Steele the master craftsman and owner of Steele Tie Dye has 30 years of experience creating and selling one of a kind Tie Dyes in Western New York.  Each shirt or garment created by Steele Tie Dye is hand folded and hand-dyed to ensure quality and consistency even on large orders. This consistency allows for the perfect screen print which is also available all under one roof.

In addition to having a stock of pre-made garments, Steele Tie Dye will also create any custom order you want on anything that is cotton.  Your choices for a custom tie dye are nearly limitless!  Click on the link below or scroll further to see more information about custom orders.  We also just launched a ready-made and made-to-order store, so check out the goods!

STD's..... We Take Em'!

Don't have any cash?  No worries!  Steele Tie Dye takes Venmo, Paypal and the Cash App!

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100% cotton material is what is used to make tie dyes (this can be thin like a bandana or shirt or it can be thick like flannel).  Anything that is made out of synthetic materials will not accept the dye.  Adult shirt sizes in stock from small to 5X.  Tall sizes XLT and 3XLT are also available.  Dresses on hand will be based on current trends.

See the list below for more information on garments that can be died.

  • STD - T-Shirt


    Pretty standard, really.

  • STD - A-Shirt


    Sleeveless athletic or undershirt.

  • STD - V-Neck


    V-Neck shirt that will visually lengthen your neck.

  • STD - Sweatshirt


    Long-sleeved pullover shirts and hoodies.

  • STD - Polo


    When you need to look strange at your next dinner party.

  • STD - Camisole


    A camisole or cami with noodle straps.

  • STD - Mask

    Face Maks and Gaiters

    Breathable cotton face masks and gaiters.

  • STD - Bandana


    21" and 27" sizes available.

  • STD - Romper

    Rompers and Onesies

    For the little ones.

  • STD - Tapestry

    Tapestries and Comforters

    Large linens, up to 5ft x 40ft!

  • STD - Dress


    Sleeved or sleeveless available based on design trends.

  • STD - Skirt


    Long and short skirts.

  • STD - Socks


    Long socks and knee-highs.

  • STD - Shopping Bag

    Shopping Bags

    Cloth shopping bags now available.

Don't See What You Want on the List?

That's cool, we will try anything within reason!  We also offer custom orders below that you can specify all the details of your made to order dye job.

Custom Orders

For Businesses

Interested in making shirts for your entire staff or for an event or sports league?  Great!  Steele Tie-Dye can accommodate large orders with a reasonable turn around time and we can even do the screen printing right in house.  Fran Steele has over 10 years of experience in screen printing and has the equipment to handle large print jobs.

STD - Custom Dye

For The Connoisseur

Not interested in standard designs and colors or are you looking to stand out at your next show or festival with something that is completely out of sight? We get it and even though every tie dye on the rack is a one of a kind piece of art, we understand wanting to go the extra mile to get something really special to you. Let's talk about your vision and see what STD's can do for you!

Want STD's At Your Next Party?

Book Fran to come to your next party or get together and everyone can make tie dyes.  Will teach tie dye method and can supply all materials.  Call or use the contact form below to book your event today.

Photos of past and current work.  Love something we made for you? 

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